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Duckmoor Road Tower Blocks Bristol

Duckmoor Road Tower Blocks Bristol

The tower blocks on Duckmoor Road, Ashton Gate in Bristol, are famous for scenes filmed on the very popular BBC programme, 'Only Fools And Horses', as the home residents of the Trotters family. The site has three main tower blocks directly behind Ashton Gate stadium, home of Bristol City Football Club and Bristol Rugby, located in the south-west of the city, just south of the River Avon.

"The tower block is famous for being the Trotters family
residents on the BBC programme, 'Only Fools And Horses'.“

Over the years the tower blocks have been exposed to the elements, especially on the west facing elevation and roof tops and as such is in need of concrete repair, structural strengthening, wall ties, rail and window fixtures as well as new improved walkways flooring.

Work carried out:
  • Our team have systematically tackled the work on each floor taking great care on fixing the new re-enforced wall ties in correct positions
  • Wall ties are checked and measured for correct tension
  • Removal of existing wired mesh venting windows to prepare for new
  • Removal of distressed concrete where required
  • Repair of brickwork and application of new mortar joints where required
  • Rail fitting checks, replacement and repairs
  • Removal of existing walkway surfaces and replace with new slip resistant flooring

Work was started on the first of the three tower blocks and a programme schedule for the work was agreed with the main contractor and local council authorities.

All work carried out had to be undertaken with the residents still living in the tower block flats. Access to the work areas are from the exterior scaffolding ladder and lift system. Residents can access the building by using and interior lift system and dust and noise have been kept to a minimum and at normal working hours for little disruption to their lives as possible.

The Betonbauen team and contractors adhere to the statement:

"Considerate constructors respect the community.“

The work is being monitored by regular inspections before being signed off at each stage.

The team at Betonbauen have many years experience of tower block repairs and therefore have very sound knowledge on structural age deterioration and common weathering building problems and the remedies for their solution. Call our team of experts now to talk to us about your next project.

Betonbauen working alongside Mears Contractors and Bristol City Council