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Penarth Pier Cardiff

The pier has a fascinating history and a diverse one at that. Penarth pier opened in April 1895, and drew hundreds of visitors, many of whom arrived there by paddle steamer. The 1929 art deco design has given the pier a distinctive appearance and drew much interest when opened in 1930. The venue was used for traditional seaside entertainment, as well as a concert hall. During the years it has also been used as a cinema, dance hall (Marina ballroom), and nightclub. During the 60s it was used as a restaurant and snooker club and more recently, a district gymnastics club.

"Betonbauen are proud to have been chosen, along with
other local companies, to work on the Penarth Pier project.“

The building has failed to attract investment and fell into a very dilapidated state where the constant impact of the sea, wind and rain has taking its toll. In 2008, the charity Penarth Arts & Crafts Ltd (PACL) was formed to restore the pavilion. In November 2009 PACL were awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to develop plans for detailed restoration with help from the lottery, Welsh government, Vale of Glamorgan council, Cadw and Coastal Communities Fund cash. In 2011, PACL won a £3.9m refurbishment scheme, to enable the pavilion to be restored as a cinema, cafe, observatory and multi-purpose community complex. The Grade II listed Pier Pavilion is scheduled for completion in Spring 2013.

Penarth Arts and Crafts Limited (PACL), responsible for the pavilion, said the project would transform what it offered to the local community and visitors.

Paul Twamley PACL char, described the building as "a heritage building of national significance", he added, "The project itself heralds a new era - not only for the pavilion and the town''s sea front, but for the whole of Penarth and the wider south Wales area."

Council spokesperson Lis Burnett said the building was "very special for most local people" would have "a huge impact" on the future success of the town.

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Betonbauen working alongside the Welsh government, Vale of Glamorgan council, Cadw and Coastal Communities

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