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Beton Bauen ‘Wall of Fame’ is going viral...

Quite simply we’re inviting employees, friends and family of Beton Bauen to submit photos of themselves at events and locations across the globe… whilst wearing Beton Bauen branded caps or beanies! 

Of course, we’re inviting images of celebrities in a cap or beanie but we also want your images from exotic, remote, and famous landmarks around the world. The more the merrier!

This year we’re giving away two £100 Amazon Gift Vouchers for the furthest and best photos!

One prize will be given to the image taken the furthest distance from our head office in Caerphilly (South Wales), and the second for what we deem to be the best image received*.  The latter prize could be an image with a celebrity (ideally with a beanie or cap), people wearing Beton Bauen apparel on an exotic beach, or even showing off a Beton Bauen beanie with ‘Beefeaters’ at The Tower of London.  

Beton Bauen beanies and caps are available on request and can be collected from our head office in Caerphilly.  This year’s competition closes on Friday 29th November 2024, when we'll start all over again!

*Click Here for Terms & Conditions

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