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Beton Bauen Projects: Porthcawl Coastal Defence Scheme

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Work is underway on a £6.4m scheme that will help to defend Porthcawl from flooding and any potential future rise in sea levels. Beton Bauen is working with Knights Brown to deliver specialist Concrete Repair and Structural Waterproofing to Victorian infrastructure.

Project Title: Porthcawl Coastal Defence Scheme

Sector: Coastal Infrastructure

Overall Project Value: £6.4 Million

Project Duration: 2021 to 2023

Our Client: Knights Brown

On Behalf of: Bridgend County Borough Council / Welsh Government

Other Partners: Arup

Construction specialists Knights Brown have set up a compound on land at Salt Lake and have commenced the first phase of the work, which is focusing on the iconic Western Breakwater. The internal structure of the 200 year old breakwater still features its original wooden core, and needs extensive renovation to ensure that it can continue to stand up to the tides and tough maritime weather conditions.

As part of a second phase, Knights Brown will carry out work to upgrade the Eastern Promenade to create improved flood defences between Porthcawl Marina and Coney Beach. The work will then extend into Sandy Bay and as far as Rhych Point, where flood defences and dune protection works will be upgraded.

Beton Bauen is set to be a key contractor in this extensive project, providing specialist services including Intrusive Site Investigation, Hydrodemolition, Concrete Repair, Structural Waterproofing and Specialist Grouting.

The flood defence work is being jointly funded by Welsh Government and Bridgend County Borough Council as part of the Coastal Risk Management Programme. Works are set to continue throughout 2022, coming to conclusion in Summer 2023.



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