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Updated: Feb 8

The artists formerly known as Beton Bauen Crew, deliver a change of musical direction, releasing their version of Feliz Navidad.

The Beton Bauen Mariachi 5 - Feliz Navidad

The Beton Bauen Mariachi 5 (left to right): James Dacey; Jake Mayne; Steve Davies; Wayne Annan; Arthur Dacey

Merry Christmas to Everyone...

Big Thanks to those involved with Beton Bauen during 2023 - that's staff, clients, contractors, and suppliers. We've had a great year and none of our success would have been possible without input from every one of you.

To celebrate we've put our own little video together. This video and digital download is not available in any good retailers and is set to be banned from all media sources, so that future generations are not effected in any way! In the meantime, share with your contacts and we'll see if we can beat LadBaby or Cliff Richard to the Christmas No.1 slot.

Change of style for the artist formerly known as Beton Bauen Crew...

With the complete and utter failure of last years version of Ice Ice Baby to get anywhere the top ten in Caerphilly, the artist Beton Bauen Crew have changed their name, line up, and musical style in a cheap and cynical attempt to cash in on the Christmas market. Released on 8th December 2023, The Beton Bauen Mariachi 5 are aiming for number one this year.

The video featuring all five members is sure to set hearts racing with a middle/elder aged audience. The video was filmed exclusively using JibJab and a PC based computer, on location in a rainy Caerphilly, South Wales.

2023 has certainly been turbulent for the group. Creative differences within the band have seen one member desert and another potential newcomer leaving before he even joined! International star Sean Davies looked set to join the band, however legal complications (due to image rights), Sean's endorsement for the world's leading Herring and Mackerel supplier, and his annoying insistence on using the bands microwave to cook the fish during working hours led to a huge divide with fellow members, with management, and especially with the cleaner! Sean is subsequently pursuing a solo career and has recently completed a 12-week, exclusive residency at the Holiday Inn, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Good luck to the band for the future. I certainly wouldn't buy it, but some mug probably will. Follow the Beton Bauen Mariachi 5 #DontBuyThisRubbishItWillMakeYourEarsHurt

You can watch the video by clicking the main image above or CLICK HERE.



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