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Beton Bauen has been verified and authorised, as part of The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) to carry out services in the UK Rail Industry.

Beton Bauen is authorised to work in the UK Rail Industry

Beton Bauen, a UK leading specialist contractor in the construction sector, has achieved RISQS verification. The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) provides comprehensive supplier assurance for the UK rail sector and its operators such as Network Rail, South West Trains, and Transport for Wales.

Buyers of products and services throughout the UK rail industry use RISQS as its supplier qualification service and Beton Bauen achieved verification after a comprehensive audit of its practices and procedures. Holding an RISQS certificate means rail and transport providers are assured of the supplier’s quality, ability and commitment to health and safety, and it also mean supply chain risk is reduced.

Beton Bauen has a proven ‘track’ record in the rail sector. Since 2006 the business has delivered our concrete-based core services such as Concrete Repair & Protection, Structural Waterproofing, Resin Injection, and Site Surveys/Testing across much of the UK’s important rail infrastructure.

Our experienced, skilled team of operatives and management deliver projects that help to make sure the tunnels, platforms, buildings, roads, and bridges that make up the UK’s rail network remain safe, dependable, and durable.

Steve Davies, Managing Director at Beton Bauen, said:

“RISQS is a leading industry scheme that recognises Beton Bauen as being publicly and independently verified to work for the railway sector. For our clients, supplier assurance is paramount, and we’re delighted to achieve our verified supplier status, which is an acknowledgement of our teams industry experience and skill set.”

The successful audit now means Beton Bauen are now authorised to supply services across a wide range of rail industry construction and protection projects, as our own sponsor, and will be listed as a verified rail supplier on the Sentinel system. Owned and run by Network Rail, Sentinel is the rail industry’s ‘Authority to Work’ system that enables you to work safely on the infrastructure.

Visit to find out more about Beton Bauen official accreditation and certification standards.

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